About OES


Our Vision

"Together we enhance lives and communities through service and fellowship based on biblical principles."

Our Charities

Our collective efforts, with other Masonic organizations, donate over $1.5 million a day to charity

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New Mexico History:

The Order of the Eastern Star

The Grand Chapter of New Mexico was chartered in 1902, 10 years prior to New Mexico statehood in 1912.

Ten chapters allowed New Mexico to receive its charter as a Grand Chapter (state governing body). This charter allowed chapters throughout the state to engage in service projects and support charitable causes for their communities and beyond. Over 100 years ago our founding members laid the groundwork, and today we continue these endeavors through social enjoyment and service.

Today with over 20 chapters the members raise approximately $20,000.00 per year to support numerous charities including breast cancer research, alzheimer’s and service dogs.

In the history of the Grand Chapter and to today, scholarships in the 10’s of thousands of dollars have been awarded for higher education and religious training.

Currently we are one of the sponsors of Paws and Stripes, an organization that provides service dogs, training and support for veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

How many lives will be touched by our Order?

Will our actions change the world?

Will one life be changed because of us?

Our Values

Fidelity ~ be a person of your word. Be fully honest in your dealings. If you say you will do something, do it within the time expected and do it completely.

Constancy ~ be dependable. Don’t make commitments you don’t intend to keep. No matter how your circumstances change, be where you should be doing what you should.

Loyalty ~ Be supportive of friends and loved ones. Be true to your beliefs and values.

Faith ~ Belief in a supreme being who watches over us and guide us.

Love ~ Be charitable to the lonely, less fortunate, widowed, and orphaned. Support those who are engaged in service to others.