Los Alamos Chapter #63 Making Face Masks

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April 8, 2020

Los Alamos Chapter #63 Making Face Masks

Los Alamos Chapter #63 Making Face Masks. CDC is now saying that regular people can/should wear masks if they run to the pharmacy or grocery. Many people need masks and even members. OES members, many have fabric and are talented sewers have begun making masks.

Sister Teri Roberts has been sewing masks here in Los Alamos, a favorable is the pattern she is using- arched rather than bulky pleats. They are two sided, curved at the front, some have interfacing added for an extra filter. Trying out the 3 pleats and the arched type masks and the ARCHED is easier to sew and gives a better fit. A pipe cleaner can be sewn in for the nose piece. The masks need two different prints, to tell the outside from inside. (so you don’t get virus by your face if you take it on and off.) Elastic is hard to find, but maybe people have a stash? Or use home made ties. Even elastic hair ties work. Plus this uses up smaller scraps from other projects.

The sewing groups give 10-20 pocket style cotton masks to each nurse or doctor to ‘cover’ their regular N95 mask. They switch them while seeing each patient and extend the N95 mask for their whole shift. The many cotton masks are then washed each day in soap and hot water kill any virus and used again the next day.

NM OES could help make these and share with older folks, neighbors, and the medical field!! ABQ cancer enter is in need of them, as well as the cancer centers through out NM. Here is a link to the Video for the Arched mask. The medical people want the pocket for filters. For regular people, have been leaving it out. (as most at home would not have virus filters available.)

Click Here to check out the how to make the masks