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This is such an exciting time as together we can help grow our beautiful Order. We all love our organization and want to see it grow and be able to impact in the world around us in positive ways. More than three years ago New Mexico OES began intensely working on addressing marketing and membership needs, leading to the development of an initiative to help grow our organization and create even more beautiful member experiences.

The PowerPoint posted below provides an overview of the initiative, specific established objectives and research that has been conducted. Through research and collaboration of many within the organization, with marketing consultation, huge steps have been made and continue. Some chapter guidance is also provided in the .pdf that is posted below. The logo that was developed in NM for branding has now been adopted by General Grand Chapter. This is one step of many.


Service Dogs!

OES has for its permanent charity Service Dogs. Check out the video to learn more.

For members desiring to share what OES does, please feel free to share this video.

Our order is experiencing a New Beginning and exciting things are happening! One of the most exciting is the adoption by the leadership of General Grand Chapter of the promotional brand logo shown here. The key to the success of the brand identity for OES is the consistent use of a design that is easily identifiable, not intimidating or hard to understand for those who do not know who we are or what we do. The more open, inviting and friendly the appearance of this brand logo will give us the opportunity to have that conversation. The vision is simple: promote our Order the best way we can and increase our membership!

Marianne Shenefelt

Most Worthy Grand Matron

Marketing MaterialsMarketing Materials


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If you have questions please feel free to reach out, we are happy to help!

Sabrina Pack,

New Mexico OES elected officers and many members are actively involved with marketing efforts.

Please feel free to contact elected officers, board and committee members with any questions or needs

Sabrina Pack Overall marketing efforts and SkyWest Media, Website, and Social Media 575-956-5428

Debi Huffman Social Media Admin 419-832-5445

Serina Pack Membership and Marketing Committee, Social Media Admin, and Website

Trish Keefer-Higdon Membership Board Marketing Supplies-Brochures


Gay Chambers Membership/Marketing Committee: Photography 575-687-4123

NanC Krass Membership/Marketing Committee: Website Featured Stories

Larry Holmes Email Administrator

New Mexico Chapter Marketing Challenge

Photo Release

Here is an “example” proposed photo release form your chapter may want to use. This is not necessarily a legal binding agreement, but is a suggestion of what the content might look like if you have need use/request a photo release.

Click Here to View Photo Release Example
Membership/Marketing Board and Committee

(Elected Board Members and following appointments)

Debi Huffman (71/OH) Elected 419-832-5445 Social Media Admin (2021-2024)

Trish Keesfer - Higdon (20/37) Elected (2021-2023)

Anthony Pugleise (72/11) Elected (2021-2022)

Serina Pack (4) Social Media Admin and Website

NanC Krass, PGM (53)

Committee consists of elected membership/marketing board members, and Grand Chapter Officers and additional appointments coming soon.

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